Prescription Eyeglasses at Jack Raby Optical in Blount County


Prescription eyeglasses are our specialty at Blount County’s Jack Raby Optical. We will fit you with the best pair of eyeglasses for your particular needs. We take into consideration your prescription, but also your life style. We understand that you need the right lenses and we can fit you with prescription sunglasses for sports or other outdoor activities such as shooting, bicycling, motorcycle riding, golfing, fishing, and other sporting needs. Our lenses come in variety of styles for this reason.

Our prescription sunglasses are made to order. This means you can add the styles that will make your eyeglasses the most comfortable to use. We can add the following to your prescription lenses; tint, polarization, and anti-reflective coating to prevent glare. The staff of Jack Raby Optical is glad to explain the benefits of these options to you in person or over the phone.

Jack Raby Optical also sells lenses specific to computer use. These special eyeglasses are designed to increase the visibility of on-screen text so that it can be read comfortably. This reduces eye fatigue and magnifies text without you having to adjust your computer settings.