New Line of Sunglasses!!!

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New Line of Sunglasses!!!

We are so excited to welcome Wiley X sunglasses to the shop! For a while now we have been feeling there is a void in our sunglass line. While we love Rudy Project and Ray Ban, we wanted to offer something more. After a lot of research, we feel that Wiley X is the perfect fit. Our partnership with Wiley X offers a great selection of prescription sunglasses as well as a tactical line perfectly geared for your prescription shooting glasses. There is also a great selection with their patented “facial cavity seals” to block out wind, debris, and peripheral light, that make them perfect as motorcycle glasses. Wiley X is the only performance sunwear manufacturer whose entire line is ANSI safety rated! These glasses also meet or exceed the military’s stringent ballistic standards. Most of the styles are also “RX ready”. We are proud to offer Wiley X to you! “WORK HARD…..PLAY HARD…..STAY SAFE”


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